Flexibility in processes, and automation for the plastics industry

The flexible concept in modular design for processing different product variants by simple, partly automated retrofitting. By means of the universal basic system and the article-specific tool technology, product runs can be realized cost-effectively in serial plants.

Over 50 Flexmodules have been made since 2007. 2016 the highly flexible assembly system MüKoFLEX was developed further. The first machines of the MüKoFLEX New Generation were delivered.

MüKoFLEX linking

MüKoFLEX benefits

  • Variety of sizes
  • A modular system architecture
  • Dynamic adjustment of numbers
  • Different levels of automation (manual, semi- or fully automatic)
  • Short setup times
  • Low investment costs
  • A common user interface

MüKoFLEX New Generation innovations:

  • Lower cost for tools and faster setup
  • Improved reusability of the assembly modules in the stand-alone operation and interlinked in one line
  • Development of a handling module for interlinked processes: space-saving setup, extensive transport channels, adjustable, parameterizable, fast setting-up of the grippers by proven MüKo quick connector

MüKoFLEX components

  • A stable base frame
  • Feeder units, centrally located
  • Axes controlled by servo motors
  • Modular assembly units
  • A flexible tool change system
  • Place for interlinked processes

MüKoFLEX applications

A wide variety of assembly, testing and marking processes can be integrated.
A few examples:

 Assembly Testing  Marking
Screw-fastening technology
Ultrasonic welding
Friction welding
Spot welding
Hot embedding
Press fitting
Camera system
Needle embossing
Needle scratching

Further application possibilities:
  • Special assembly work
  • Assembly of valves or similar components
  • Manual assembly work
MüKoFLEX Applikationen

MüKoFLEX automation solutions

MüKoFLEX modules are as flexible as you need them to be. Convince yourself on the basis of our examples.

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