Flexible thermal embedding system - the solution for the thermal embedding of metal parts in plastic

All the facts about MP TES: please click here to download our flyer.

MP TES procedure

  • The metal component to be embedded is non-contact heated by means of electromagnetic induction.
  • The connection point on the plastic part is melted through contact with the heated metal part.
  • During the embedding, the molten material is displaced into the depressions and undercuts of the metal part.
  • Then the connection point is specifically cooled down.
Find out more about the individual MüKoTES components here.

MP TES benefits

  • Exact surface temperature on the metal part to be joined
  • Very short heating times
  • Targeted, even partial heat input into the part
  • The energy output can be regulated during the heating process
  • No flooding of the components and reduced holding time after the joining process through integrated cooling
  • Individual control of the process parameters
  • Precise end positions of the metal parts joined through axially guided insertion unit and position transmitter
  • Integrated high-precision temperature sensor for optimum process monitoring (option)
  • Affordable interchangeable parts that are available at short notice
  • Short cycle times and traverse paths through integrated parts magazine
  • Modular system structure
  • Integration of the overall system into various levels of automation is possible
  • Parts magazine can either be filled manually or automatically via a sorting spiral conveyor
  • Multiple hot embedding heads can be supplied centrally via a generator

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