MüKoFLEX applications

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Assembling and testing: Screw assembly example

  • Assembly direction vertical, from above
  • Insertion of screws with automatic or manual decoupling
  • Insertion of screws with distance sleeves, automatic or manual
  • Monitoring the pressing forces
  • Checking the screw lengths
  • Checking the screw head lengths (in some cases with threaded insert)
  • Checking the correct screw-sleeve combination
MüKoFLEX screw assembly

Assembling and testing: example - Insertion assembly

  • Assembly position mostly vertically from above - though from other directions if necessary
  • Insertion of inserts - automatically or manually
  • Monitoring the press-in depth (keying the difference to the reference surface)
  • Supporting on the side opposite to assembly
  • Assembly forces of 500 800N
  • Checking the correct screws-sleeve combination

Testing and identification: Example - leak test

  • Clamping (clamping direction vertically from above)
  • Number of clamping points - 10 to 18
  • Sealing additional openings from different directions
  • Test pressure up to 1 bar
  • Marking (e.g. with the date, part number, etc.) using needle stamping machines, needle scratching (stylus) machines or lasers
  • Where necessary, testing of upstream assembly operations
MüKoFLEX seal testing module

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