MP TES components

MP TES thermal-embedding head

Of compact construction, for installation in different systems
  • Heating unit with cable set
  • Pneumatically actuated feeder unit
  • Axially guided insertion unit for very high positional accuracy
  • Position transmitter for monitoring the connection position
  • Wear-resistant article-specific assembly tool, changeable
  • Integrated supply of cooling air for targeted cooling after the connection process
  • Article-specific inductor, changeable

MP TES high-frequency generator

for heating metallic workpieces through induction
  • With automatic frequency resonance detection
  • The latest MOS-FET transistor technology
  • Inductor is short-circuit-proof

MP TES cooling water re-cooler

To cool the induction unit and inductor
  • Evaporator made of stainless steel.
  • Plastic tank, 18 litre
  • Automatic temperature control

MP TES magazining and separating unit (optional)

  • Article-specific magazine tube
  • Rotary separation unit, pneumatically operated
  • Position determination for the separation unit
  • Article-specific separation plate

MP TES temperature sensor (optional)

  • Integrated high-precision temperature sensor for optimum process monitoring

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