The EDP connection of our brance office in Lindenberg/Germany

An innovative solution was realized for the EDP connection.
The 3D-CAD workplaces are linked to the head office in Weinstadt by a safe VPN-connection with Thin Clients via WAN connection.

Citrix The CAD processors are located in Weinstadt only the screen content is streamed to the Thin Client in branch office. The full performance of the CAD-System can be used by Autodesk Inventor. Input devices like 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse work as well.

The advantages are:
  • Full access to all company data is possible.
  • Collaborative work on projects from different locations is possible.
  • Access independent of location is possible.
  • There is no need to mirror or replicate data - they are central and secure stored!
  • The data does not "leave" the secured area. This can be very important for foreign branches.

Further capabilities:
  • Flexible arrangements for work
  • Set up home offices
  • Set up Freelancer workplaces

We think that the Citrix XenDesktop HDX 3D desktop virtualization combined with AutoCAD Inventor or other 3D-Systems has a great potential.

Would you like to use this technology? Our EDP department is already working as service provider for other companies. We like to support you and create solutions together with you!