Design and development

The solution takes shape


A machine concept is drawn up in close cooperation with you, our customer, and with component suppliers and manufacturers.

The short lines of communication at the company also help us to combine the theoretical foundations of the design with the practical experience of the workshop and testing departments.

We create the designs, drawings and parts lists needed for manufacturing.

The CAD systems available are Autocad Mechanical (2D) and Autodesk Inventor (3D). Many different data formats can be imported and exported. CD, DVD, FTP or secure Internet solutions serve as data exchange media. In this way we are able to collect data from a variety of sources and create an overall design.


Innovative development solutions do not evolve in isolation.

The ideal conditions for new developments are made possible by good communication with our customers, a strong practical orientation and close contact with the production process and the laboratory.

Whether it's a question of market analysis, variant design or prototype construction we create solutions.