The Koblitz Design Office was founded by Siegmar Koblitz, initially as a "one-man band". The first employee was taken on during the course of the year.


As a result of customer requests, the decision was taken to provide a complete solution for smaller devices (design and build) in addition to design-only projects.
This was made possible by cooperation with a mechanical workshop.


Increasing demand for more complex devices and smaller assembly units led to Uwe Müller working part time on assembly.


The demands on the assembly units and on services such as delivery and commissioning on site were increasing all the time. Thus the decision was taken to found MüKo (= MÜller and KOblitz). The company started up in a "large garage" in Waiblingen Bittenfeld.

The Design Office kept growing, and two additional employees, one of them a technical products designer, were recruited.


The constraints of space in the design office and at MüKo came to an end when we set up our new premises in the Eisental industrial area (in Waiblingen). Then, the design (100 m2) and production (700 m2) areas were housed under one roof.

The Koblitz Design Office was boosted by the addition of a home office workplace in Hesse, which was an extremely advanced move at the time.
The first training course took place at the Design Office.


MüKo reinforced its commitment in the field of assembling and testing cylinder head covers. The first fully interlinked plant was established. The first systems were delivered to our customers abroad (e.g. in France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, etc.)


The start of construction of our own internal Electrical Department represented our closing the last gap in the construction of special machines under one roof.


The first laser welding system for cylinder gaskets is delivered.

MüKo developed the highly flexible laser shuttle system and presented it at the Fakuma trade fair in Friedrichshafen (Germany).

Globalization took its course and further systems were delivered to our customers' foreign plants (in Mexico and Spain, for instance).


The first fully automatic assembly and test line for cylinder head covers is delivered to Canada.


The company's premises in Waiblingen were no longer adequate and an additional area of around 300 square metres assembly and 100 square metres of office space was rented. Meanwhile, around 30 employees were working for MüKo itself and for the Koblitz Design Office.


MüKo developed the highly flexible MüKoFLEX assembly system for the plastics industry and presented it at the Fakuma trade fair in Friedrichshafen (Germany).

The tenth anniversary of the company's founding was celebrated in style.


The company’s headquarters is relocated to Weinstadt. The new building complex has approx. 2300 square metres of production area and approx. 950 square metres of office space.


In the meantime, a workforce of over 50 employees was developing and building highly complex machines for our customers.

MP TES – the thermal embedding system is developed and introduced into the market.


The world financial crisis hit and MüKo, like all other businesses, was also affected.
Alongside other structural changes, the decision was made to build a test laboratory.


MüKo emerged strengthened from the crisis year 2009. The annual turnover exceeds 10 million euros for the first time.

The first automatic assembly and test line for cell contact systems is delivered.


We celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the company's foundation with a special family day for our employees, customers, and suppliers.

Founding of our first subsidiary MueKo Machinery Suzhou in China.

At the end of 2011, MüKo Deutschland had a workforce of around 85 in Germany.


MueKo Machinery Suzhou moved into own office and production rooms. The new premises consists of approx. 1270 square metres assembly area and approx. 330 square metres office area. The first customer project was finished during construction and moving in. Further projects are ordered and will be realised with great commitment.

Our branch office in Lindenberg/Allgäu (Germany) is at work. Three employees design locally and space for more designers exists. For the EDP connection of the branch office the decision was made for a new innovative solution. More...


The Koblitz Design Office celebrates its 20th birthday. With the foundation of the Design Office, the basis for the MueKo success story was laid.

By the end of 2013, MueKo Germany has around 100 employees.

MueKo Machinery (Suzhou) has grown to 10 employees, and the first orders are processed and delivered in China, independently from the head office in Germany.


With the creation of our Service Team in Weinstadt, we have been able to bundle our long-term experience and know-how in the field of after-sales services.

The company EBechtle with its site in Suwanee, GA, USA is now our cooperation partner and our service base for the NAFTA area.

After years of thorough development, the MP testing system has been introduced onto the market.

Since December 2014 the development, production and service of inspection systems has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


A groundbreaking ceremony marks the beginning of construction of a new office building as well as production and assembly halls at Heinkelstrasse 9, Weinstadt.

For the first time, MüKo Maschinenbau GmbH in Weinstadt employs more than 100 staff.


The new buildings at Heinkelstrasse 9 are finished and the move into the new premises is done. From now on production takes place in both locations (Heinkelstrasse 9 and Heinkelstrasse 46).

The highly flexible assembly system MüKoFLEX is developed further. The first machines of the MüKoFLEX New Generation are delivered.

The twentieth anniversary of MüKo is celebrated with a technology day and an open house.

20 years Mueko Germany


Founding of our subsidiary MueKo Machinery Inc. in USA.